Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally! I ran a new half marathon PR by over 2 minutes; 1:16!

It was another beautiful year at the Big Sur Half marathon in Monterey, CA. They have, hands down, the best elite support of any race in which I have participated. The professionalism and care for runners doesn't stop at the front pack, however, it definitely continues until the last runner crosses the line. I swear they worked some serious magic for the race because the rest of the day it poured down rain!

I felt very strong throughout the entire race and followed my race plan to a "T" and it worked (surprise)! I went out at a comfortable pace and held it for the first 5k (I was told no faster than 5:40). The next 5k I held there as the pack of women began to string out. I started gaining on a few women in front of me and I knew I was feeling good, so at mile 9 I picked it up and passed two and then reeled in the next woman at mile 10. I was definitely strong and gaining speed where I would normally slow up. I got the 4th runner in my sights and I probably would've gotten her with another half mile! But I was pleased with my PR and 5th place finish, because there were some rad chicks (Olympians) in front of me!

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Location:Big Sur Half Marathon Post Race Report