Sunday, October 24, 2010

Army Ten Miler!

It was a GREAT day at the Army Ten Miler!  The conditions were perfect: weather was perfect, the course was gorgeous,  proper training under my belt--I knew I was ready.  

I went out strong, but conservative, hitting 5:30 for the first mile and then easing in to a steady 5:40 pace after that.  I felt strong and in control.  I started to ease up on the way back up Independence Ave, but I fought back, motivated by 1LT Byler.  I was able to push to the end and kick hard to run a 57:20.  
The cheering squad!  With awesome hand-painted signs!

The podium!  

Our guys did a fantastic job this year. We FINALLY beat the Brazilians and WON the International Division!  I called it!!!

I am so proud of my Mom and Sister for kicking butt in the race today!  It was the first ATM for both of them and I think they will be making an annual show!  I am so proud!  I love you!

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