Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ready to Race!

Since my arrival in Colorado, I've been going full-steam.  The first week I was here, I had two killer workouts at 6500 feet and I was totally wiped out.  I've had some seriously brutal workouts since then and I was giving it 100% every time, but I was really struggling to make my times and finish. 

 About 3 weeks ago I FINALLY had a break through!  I've been feeling strong and hitting some great times.  I am so ready to race and show what I can do!  

Next Race:

11 OCT Tufts 10k in Boston, MA


  1. kelly--you are amazing, so gifted and such a hard worker--giving it all you got! love it, best wishes to you as you strive for this awesome goal--we're cheering you on from hawaii!!

  2. Wow, had no idea about you chasing it to the big show! Stoked to see you go for it, no doubts you'll outperform your expectations! I've got my ten-miler team all set here on Bagram, our run is on the 17th. Good luck!

  3. Alisa,

    It means so much to know that you guys are cheering me on in HI!

    I miss you guys!


    Thanks for the well wishes! Good luck in your Ten Miler! That is so awesome! I hope you have someone taking pics, I'd really like to see them. It means so much to run for the Army, especially knowing that guys like you are sucking it up in the desert so that I can race! I'll be running for you and your guys!