Friday, October 15, 2010

"You got the abs I ordered for Christmas!"

Although it's never a dull run at the Air Force Academy, with the gliders, planes, parachutists, and mountains, today was a particularly colorful day.

For starters there was a great selection of people on the path wearing completely inappropriate clothing.  One older gentleman was jogging in JEANS, not jorts (although I do think that would be pretty unsightly too), but full-on JEANS.  This is not a path that he would be taking to get somewhere and possibly running late.  No, this is purely a fitness trail.  What in the world would make him think that joggng in jeans was a good idea?  Maybe he was testing out a new anti-chafing product.  Another trail user that I encountered was wearing yellow dish washing gloves and a normal outfit!  WTF?!    What could she possibly need those for?  I pondered that for a good 3 miles and still had no idea.

Secondly, the fall foliage was fabulous against the perfect blue Colorado sky.  The aspen trees were the perfect goldenrod (to use my ample crayola crayon knowledge).  I am not sure why the leaves are changing, as it was a balmy 75 degrees out there, but I enjoyed the view.

Lastly, one pretty rad lady shouted to me as I ran by "You got the abs I ordered for Christmas!"  That cracked me up, I actually had to stop for a minute.

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I've just discovered your blog now and need to comment about this post that mentions the guy running in jeans. It IS ridiculous, isn't it? I dedicated a whole website to it:
    Check it out and pass it on if you think it is worthy.