Friday, November 12, 2010

Heading to Big Sur!

I am waiting to board the plane to Monterey for the Big Sur Half marathon.  It'll be a welcome escape from the recent winter weather that arrived abruptly in the Springs of the past week!

I barely made it out the door this morning!  As prepared as I was to leave super-early, I got everything (including a very tired and cranky 3 year old) into the car and couldn't find the car keys!  I ran back up into the house a few times and looked through everything but couldn't find them!  I finally found a spare, but thought that I may have accidently left the keys in the front door.  So I ran up the steps, which turned out to be COVERED in ice (which is totally my fault for not de-icing them)!  On the way back down I busted hard and really hurt my shoulder.  Of course I wasn't wearing the brand new pair of snow boots with traction that I bought just yesterday.  I managed to make it to on time, despite some whimpering.

I'm very excited for the race!   You can learn about it and look for my results here:

Big Sur 1/2 Marathon

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