Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Product Review: Sweaty Bands

Wearing my Sweaty Bands with the Chief of Staff of the Army

My Mom bought me my first Sweaty Band at the Army Ten Miler Expo.  They had a ton of adorable bands in a wide range of colors and styles displayed on a large rack that was surrounded by women.  My Mom found some cute headbands for herself and my sisters and surprised me with a headband that matches my Army uniform.

I was skeptical at first because I have been through all sorts of different head bands.  Not only do I have long, unruly hair, I move my head A LOT while running (I can't help it).  The Goody ones (with the grippers) stretch out and fall off, my Lululemon headbands that have the plastic inside move around and just frustrate me while I'm running.  I opted not to risk wearing it for the Ten Miler (never test out new gear on race day), but put it on right after the race for my cool down.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Sweaty Bands on the Podium at ATM

Since then I've worn it for over 100 miles and I am hooked!  I wore it casually at the AUSA conference, for a long run (20 miles) and speed work on the track.  Not only is it cute and comfortable, but it STAYS in place!  I was browsing the website tonight searching for more and I thought I would share them with you!

Here's the link:

Sweaty Bands

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